Validate SSNs directly with the Social Security Administration in real-time with the first provider in history to offer eCBSV

Approve more applications
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Automate manual review

With eCBSV, the manual process of validating Social Security numbers with the Social Security Administration becomes electronic. eCBSV eliminates the need to manually gather ink signatures on a paper-based SSA-89 form. Digital consent and real-time API responses mean more automation and increased efficiency in the application process.

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Increase thin file approvals

eCBSV adds a layer of synthetic fraud detection to your decisioning process. The Social Security Administration is the authoritative source of SSN data. They record the information at issuance, and can provide more data on real people who may have less credit history.

Reduce loan origination processing times

Digital consent and real-time validation of name, date of birth and Social Security number combinations reduce friction for applicants. Mortgage lenders, especially, can shave days off loan origination processing times by replacing manual SSA-89 forms with eCBSV.

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Accelerate your transition to eCBSV

As the first to integrate with the Social Security Administration to offer eCBSV, SentiLink has amassed insights around fuzzy logic, match rates and latency that should be considered when implementing eCBSV in workflows.

eCBSV Delivery

Real-time API

Integrate easily to our single endpoint API and get scores in milliseconds.

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