Stop Synthetic Fraud.

Do business with real people. Not fake ones.
Without compromising your customer experience.
Reduce losses and increase efficiency in fraud detection.

We build solutions for detecting fraud and related identity anomalies

Synthetic fraud costs banks and lenders billions of dollars a year in losses. KYC solutions can’t detect synthetic identities. As a result, they go undetected for years facilitating criminal activity.

Synthetic Scores

SentiLink Synthetic scores have the highest precision and lowest false positive rate to identify synthetic identities


Comprehensive identity data in Manifest amplifies your real-time decisioning to detect fake consumers.


SentiLink's eCBSV product verifies SSNs directly with the Social Security Administration real-time.


Easy direct API integration or through our strategic partners

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Why institutions use SentiLink

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    Reduce chargeoffs

    Catch more fake identities before funds are issued

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    Boost approval rates

    Approve more thin file identities with confidence

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    Strengthen compliance

    Detect synthetic identities that KYC solutions can’t

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    Prevent emerging fraud vectors

    Like credit washing, CPNs, and auth user tradeline abuse

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    Improve efficiency

    Auto approve more applications and reduce manual review

Recognized for excellence

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38 B2B Breakout stars



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Cloud 100 Rising Stars of 2020




Certified in 2020/2021 as a Great Place To Work.



Data security is a fundamental priority

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With compliance certification, we have strict controls related to data security.


We maintain a secure environment for processing, storing, and transmitting credit card information.

Let’s work together to stop synthetic fraud