ID Complete


Maintain rigorous identity verification processes without compromising customer experience

Get the full picture on your applicants

ID Complete applies advanced matching logic to SentiLink’s catalog of U.S. identities to complete partial or missing date of birth or Social Security number data.

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Increase approvals

ID Complete not only fills in incomplete or missing date of birth or Social Security number data, but it verifies the accuracy of the information provided. Typos and other errors are detected and corrected to improve approval rates.

Standalone or in conjunction with other SentiLink products

Ingest ID Complete response data in your own proprietary workflow, or use in combination with our Synthetic Scores product.

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ID Complete Delivery

Real-time API

Integrate easily to our single endpoint API and get completed data in milliseconds.

Batch Upload

Batch can occur with a SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or upload data manually to the SentiLink dashboard.

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