ID Theft Scores

SentiLink's models adapt to changing fraud tactics so your business is protected against traditional forms of ID Theft as well as emerging fraud vectors.

Catch more fraud without having to share performance data

We help you catch emerging fraud vectors early to prevent spikes in losses

Our fraud expertise has been honed over many years of tracking what fraud really looks like. We are manually reviewing applications every day to identify new ways stolen identities are being used to open new accounts. And, to understand when to clear an identity that, on the surface, looks like it's stolen.

  • Is a cluster of applications using the same phone number only because an entertainment company is applying for loans on behalf of their talent?
  • Or, is this what we call Frankenstein fraud when someone combines credentials from 2 different stolen identities?

This is the level of insight assimilated into our model to catch schemes that elude traditional ID theft models.

We don't ask partners for performance data to train our models. Rather, we rely on the expertise from our Risk Operations team to provide highly intelligent and consistent inputs.

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Rest assured, we've got the basics covered

Our team has deep knowledge of identity theft from our experience managing fraud and risk at online lenders and related financial institutions. We know the telltale patterns of fraud such as the use of VOIP phones, certain email velocity and syntax as well as credentials linked with other fraudulent applications across our partners.

We partner with you as a "trusted fraud advisor"

No one can predict the future - how will fraudsters change and adapt to new controls. SentiLink partners with you on all of your fraud needs. We share with you what we see when we're seeing it. New fraud rings developing. New fraud tactics being tested and deployed. Helping you win against fraud and keep fraud losses low. We will enable you to be successful in managing fraud so you and your business can thrive.

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Send SentiLink 10K+ Records
We only need name, address, DOB, SSN, email and phone number to score an identity for ID Theft.
SentiLink Quantifies The Problem
SentiLink measures how much ID theft was detected in the records and reviews specific cases with you.
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We estimate how much fraud you can stop annually by using SentiLink products and services.

ID Theft Score Delivery

Real-Time API

Integrate easily to our single endpoint API and get ID Theft scores in milliseconds.

Batch Upload

Batch can occur with an SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or upload data manually to the SentiLink dashboard.


Intelligent UI that surfaces the most important attributes for ID Theft investigation.

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