Integrate, manage, analyze SentiLink data attributes to incorporate into your
own models and rules engines

Comprehensive identity data
to amplify real-time decisions

Highest quality dataset for evaluating identities

Manifest is an enriched catalog of all identities in the U.S. Proprietary merging logic integrates relevant datasets and logically organizes the information to be ingested by other models or used for case investigation.

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Identity-level insights and state-of-the art linking

Relevant red flags are highlighted at an identity level for quick evaluation. Examples include multiple SSNs associated with an identity, SSN state mismatch and bankruptcies. Linking capabilities unlocks ties to known bad addresses as well as other commonalities across fraud rings.

Recognized for excellence

Manifest is available real-time via API. The Manifest API endpoint delivers enhanced data synchronously with your decisioning engines revealing previously undetectable risks. The intelligent user interface of the Dashboard optimizes efficient case review.

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Manifest Delivery

Real-time API

Integrate easily to our single endpoint API and get scores in milliseconds.


Intelligent UI that surfaces the most important attributes for investigation.

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