KYC Insights

A KYC solution that goes beyond “checking the boxes” to actually stop fraud and empower your compliance and product teams

Fulfill regulatory requirements and target KYC elements that are important to you using enhanced insights and risk signals

Comply with all regulatory requirements

A complete solution that enables you to perform a risk-based assessment of an application at onboarding. OFAC, PEPs, and Sanctions watchlist checks included. Helps fulfill CIP, red flags, and other regulatory requirements. Our API response includes an audit trail that’s easy to share with examiners.


Leverage SentiLink’s expertise and network to catch more fraud at onboarding

SentiLink’s models and expert investigators process millions of applications across hundreds of partners per month. KYC Insights informs you of known fraud so you are always prepared. It also surfaces relevant, fine-grained risk flags that cover the name, date of birth, SSN, and address, as well as the phone, email and IP used to apply.

Dynamically adjust user experience based on insights

Use our insights to tailor the onboarding experience for each applicant. Know when to prompt your customers to re-enter data and how to increase conversion using context from KYC Insights.

KYC Insights highlight red flags about an identity

KYC Insights Delivery

Real-time API

Integrate easily to our single endpoint API and get insights in real-time.


Intelligent UI that surfaces the most important insights for investigation.

Let’s work together to stop fraud